‘9-Month Membership Series’ with Maja Apolonia Rodé and the Center for Nondual Awareness

Maja Apolonia Rodé
28 September 2017 @ 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
World Wide Web / Telephone


9-Month Membership Series

“How To Deepen Your Dharmic Expression
and Grow Your Community of Consciousness”

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Do you feel called to discover your dharmic creative possibilities and/or allow more of your creative potentials to come into expression?

Would you like to gather community around a core value of awakened awareness and/or expand your existing community?

Do you desire to live or work in a context that brings out the best you have to offer in ever-deepening support of the community around you — while also supporting you to thrive in your full expression?

These are some of the natural callings that emerge when the awakened mind and heart encounter new possibilities at the intersection of consciousness, creativity, and community. These three values lie at the core of the Center for Nondual Awareness and its upcoming 9-part series, entitled “How To Deepen Your Dharmic Expression and Grow Your Community of Consciousness.”

Offered by Maja Apolonia Rodé, the center’s President and former Creative Director for Adyashanti, the following introductory session will give you an important bird’s eye view of how spiritual teachings or other forms of dharmic expression evolve over time through a cycle of expression.

With this perspective, we will take some time to discover the strengths and inspirations that move you forward as well as the weak points that seem to be holding you back.

In this free intro meeting video, in addition to the bird’s eye view, we look right into the core or the cycle, where you can discover or strengthen the very foundation of your calling. This first step is vital to the unfolding of the entire cycle of expression and, when done well, creates a magnetic call to those who resonate with you and what you have to offer.

If you haven’t already, please review this important exploration, which will include an invitation to become a member of the Center (if you are not already) and participate in the series, which is included in the price of your membership.


Free Introductory Video
“Foundations of Dharmic Expression”

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If you are already growing your community of consciousness and sharing awakened awareness in your own unique way in the world – or are feeling guided to begin doing so in the future –

This 9 month series may offer valuable support in:

  • Working with the guidance of someone with 16 years experience supporting the growth of conscious community around a Dharmic offering.
  • Being connected to a community of others doing the same thing around the world.


The 9-Month Membership Series contains:

  •  A once-a-month meetingon the last Thursday of every month, 6 – 8 PM Pacific Time. If you cannot attend that time, all calls will be recorded and available to the membership on our website. Each meeting will address a different consecutive step of the unfolding process of sharing a Dharmic offering in the world, and developing a community of consciousness.
    Introduction: January 26, 2017
    Month 1: February 23, 2017
    Month 2: March 30, 2017
    Month 3: April 27, 2017
    Month 4: May 25, 2017
    Month 5: June 28, 2017….(Wednesday, irregularly scheduled)
    Month 6: July 27, 2017
    Month 7: August 31, 2017
    Month 8: September 28, 2017
    Month 9: October 26, 2017


  • A once-a-month small group meetingone Saturday of every month, 11 AM – 1 PM Pacific Time. This will be a space to share, to witness, and be witnessed in your process by a loving supportive community of peers. As a member of the Center you also always have the option to create your own consecutively meeting small groups with your peers, with use of the Center’s technological resources.
    Group 1: March 11, 2017
    Group 2: April 8, 2017
    Group 3: May 6, 2017
    Group 4: June 17, 2017
    Group 5: July 15, 2017
    Group 6: August 12, 2017
    Group 7: September 16, 2017
    Group 8: October 14, 2017
    Group 9: November 4, 2017

For more information about becoming a member of the Center for Nondual Awareness, click here.


If you would like even more information, here is another video filmed at the Science and Nonduality Conference in Palo Alto California this past October.

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The length of a TED talk, we hope it offers insight and inspiration to support you or someone who’s work you value. It includes:

  • The 7 essential elements for growing a community of consciousness that benefits from your offering and supports the development of your work.
  • The main place many nondual teachers, healers, and therapists get stuck that holds them back from developing their craft and growing their community of interest and support.
  • The key question Adyashanti asked himself that made his teaching venture into territory beyond his traditional Zen training and into his unique unfolding.
  • The insight Adyashanti had early on about sharing nondual awareness that changed the fundamental intention of his teaching.


Maja Apolonia RodéMaja Apolonia Rodé cultivates conscious community and shares an inspiring array of creative expressions with one common purpose: to support the realization and flowering of our true nature. From sacred rituals to playful games, ethereal chants to irreverent raps, and meditation instruction to marketing with integrity, Maja’s work invites us into the depths of presence where our true creative potentials naturally blossom — individually and collectively. Maja holds a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology, has worked closely with Adyashanti for 16 years as the Creative Director of Open Gate Sangha, and is the President of the Center for Nondual Awareness. www.majamuse.com

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