“Awaken to Divine Abundance” Online ‘Hosted Evening’ with Sonya Amrita Bibilos

Sonya Amrita Bibilos
June 1, 2017 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
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Center for Nondual Awareness
Hosted Evening


Awaken to Divine Abundance and Liberate Your Relationship With Money
Online Webinar with Sonya Amrita Bibilos


Thursday, June 1, 2017
6:30 – 8:00 PM Pacific Time
(Meditation Starts @ 6:15)



Awaken to Divine Abundance and Liberate Your Relationship With Money

Free Video Webinar with Sonya Amrita Bibilos

Co-hosted by the Center for Nondual Awareness

Thursday, June 1, 2017

6:30-8:00 PM Pacific Time (Silent meditation begins at 6:15 PM)

Registration closes at 5 PM PT on June 1



A message from Sonya Amrita Bibilos:

Living awakened consciousness can be very challenging when it comes to money and abundance. We are all vulnerable to a shocking amount of stories, confused beliefs, and projections about money, time and energy. Sadly, these projections can keep you in subtle or intense patterns of scarcity, anxiety, shame, frustration, debt, judgment, or fear. Even after spiritual awakening, these patterns can persist because this conditioning is deeply embedded and constantly re-affirmed by our culture.

The good news is that you can be free from any of these patterns and awaken to the immensity of Divine Abundance in the universe.

Being in the flow of Divine Abundance is natural and innate to your True Nature. Abundance, like Divine Love, is part of you and is your birthright. Even if it feels new or foreign to you, you can receive and experience more Divine Abundance in your daily life.

I have been amazed by my own experience of awakening to Divine Abundance, and how it has changed my relationship to money, time, energy and abundance of all kinds. Because Abundance is part of Divine Love, it is an act of love to know, embrace and receive Divine Abundance.

I am called to support anyone and everyone ready to awaken to Divine Abundance and live it in their lives. So I am offering this free video webinar in which you will experience:

  • A guided experience into the Presence of Divine Abundance
  • How to lovingly clear some of the most stubborn conditioning and limiting beliefs
  • How to reclaim your true, authentic relationship with Divine Abundance
  • How to live in the flow of Divine Abundance and change your relationship to money, time and energy

This seminar will include energy work, meditation, community wisdom sharing, and Q&A.

Wherever you are in your relationship with money and abundance, I hope you will join me to illuminate and expand your experience of Divine Abundance!




Want to attend but not sure you can make the date? Please attend live if you can to receive the full experience of live energy work and community wisdom sharing. If you absolutely cannot make the date, if you register you will automatically receive the recording.


For those who crave deeper, ongoing spiritual and energetic support, I am offering an 8-week deep dive program called Embody Awakened Abundance. I will talk about it briefly during this free seminar, but you can find more details here and see if it calls to you.

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