“Resting as Awareness in the Therapy Role” with Marlies Cocheret in San Rafael, California

11 June 2017 @ 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
San Rafael, California
Teresa McGlashan

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Resting as Awareness in the Therapy Role
True intimacy in Therapeutic Relating


In this salon you will be invited to explore deeply resting as Awareness while sitting with your client. The moment we rest as Awareness a big invitation is given to our client to rest as their natural Selves. No words are needed really. Awareness does the work.

Can we let that unfold itSelf? How intimate are you willing to be? How much do you trust your Self? Are you working too hard?

The more we rest as Awareness, the more any action will come from Awareness which greatly increases the effectiveness of the meeting. As therapists we need to be the first ones to realize that everything melts in Awareness and bring that realization into our practice.

Of course there is a place for techniques and we will talk about some of these as all movement in the therapy office is most effective when steeped in and as Awareness. It is truly the long-term solution for everything in life.

Please come and join me in this exploration. We’ll start with meditation, followed by a talk and exercises to explore this and sharing our experience.

Marlies Myoku Cocheret de la Morinière, MA, brings a potent invitation into the deep Silence that we are. In 2000 she began offering satsang, at the request of her root teacher Adyashanti. Marlies is trained as a psychologist in the Netherlands, a Hakomi therapist and certified Tantric educator. She has a passion for bringing together sacred sexuality/sensuality and the Silence of our Being. A rich and safe place is created to contact your own true nature so that a deeper resting as the stillness and love that we are naturally will come to the forefront.

Purpose: Each salon is an opportunity to explore topics, sit with questions, open up a lively dialogue, and share discoveries at the interface of nondual wisdom and psychotherapy. This offers the possibility of venturing beyond satsangs and conferences while being together in the inexhaustible truth. It is also an opportunity for practitioners to share their work with colleagues, to network, and to build community.

Format: Salons will include a meditation, a short talk/presentation/demonstration, followed by dialogue/discussion with all attendees facilitated by presenter(s). There will be a short break for tea/beverages. A $15 donation is suggested.

Reservations: To reserve a seat, send an email to Teresa McGlashan at teresa@teresamcglashan.com. Please put “Salon Registration” on the subject line and we will send you a confirmation, which includes the address and driving directions. Seating is limited. Reservations for some of the earlier salons have often filled quickly, so an early request is recommended.


Co-hosted by Center for Nondual Awareness members Teresa McGlashan and Andrea Colombu.

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