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Friday, May 12

Andrea Colombu

Unconditioned Connection:
Exploring and enjoying the nature of that which connects us

Andrea Colombu, LMFT

During this time together we’ll explore experientially the nature of that which connects us at the most fundamental level of experience: unconditioned awareness. Let’s take a journey of nourishing rediscovery of our true nature, beyond physical boundaries, beyond distance and perceived separation, beyond identifications, beyond concepts of otherness, and right into the heart of aware humanness!

Andrea Colombu is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in the East Bay of San Francisco, a meditation teacher, mindfulness educator, and nondual facilitator. He practices psychotherapy from a existential-contemplative, Buddhist psychology, and nondual wisdom perspective. Andrea holds regular meditation and awareness gatherings, and offers nondual facilitation to groups and individuals.



Maja Apolonia Rodé

Secret Agents of Awareness – Interviews

Maja Apolonia Rodé, Ph.D.

In our evolving world, people with deep nondual understanding can be found in all walks of life. From the street to the stage, from the class room to the board room — they are quietly inviting transformational consciousness into the organizations and people around them. How did these “secret agents of awareness” come to do what they do? What creative, spiritual, and social challenges have they faced? What forms of impact have they made in their communities and fields of contribution? Maja will interview some of her favorite undercover agents, inviting them to share their revelations and reflections on how awakened awareness moves through unique and unexpected channels of expression.

Maja Apolonia Rodé, PhD,cultivates communities of consciousness and shares an inspiring array of creative expressions with one common purpose: to support the realization and flowering of our true nature. From sacred rituals to playful games, ethereal chants to irreverent raps, and meditative arts instruction to marketing with integrity, Maja’s work invites us into the sacred depths of our being where we can bring life to our true creative potentials — individually and collectively. Maja holds a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology, worked closely with Adyashanti for 17 years as the Creative Director of Open Gate Sangha, and is the President of the Center for Nondual Awareness.




Krishna Gauci

Awakening, Deep Listening, and the Tapestry of Being

Krishna Gauci

Join Krishna for an exploration of three aspects of our identity and how they can be brought together to deeply listen in relationship. Krishna will be using the Tapestry of Being orientation that he has developed to approach this topic. He hopes you will find it helpful with clients, students, friends and other close relationships.

Krishna Gauci is the developer of the Tapestry of Being paradigm and has been a teacher of spiritual living since 2001. He loves bridging various traditional influences to serve 21st century people in orienting to the mystery of Being. He became a devotee of his spiritual master HWL Poonja (Papaji) since meeting him in 1993. He also has a background in the practice of Buddhist meditation for the past 27 years. He is a founding member of the Waking Down Teachers Association and the Institute of Awakened Mutuality. He currently offers his own Tapestry of Being teachings with students worldwide.



Sonya Amrita Bibilos

Awakening to Divine Abundance

Sonya Amrita Bibilos

Awakening to Abundance is like awakening to Divine Love. Divine Abundance is a movement of Consciousness, part of the fabric of the universe. It is beyond human concepts of abundance, which are usually entwined with scarcity beliefs about money, time, and energy. Illusions about abundance persist after awakening, often because 1. Culture affirms conditioning, and 2. Many spiritual communities dismiss abundance as greed. With awakening, we can experience freedom of abundance in Consciousness. This presentation will explore abundance illusions and how to liberate conditioning, and will include a guided experience into Divine Abundance. We will conclude with discussion about living awakened abundance.

A gifted spiritual energetic healer and intuitive guide, Sonya experienced a series of life-changing awakenings while working at a Silicon Valley software company, and later while serving as the Program Director for her spiritual teacher, Adyashanti. For over 12 years she has been supporting individuals and couples to awaken and live their awakening through every area of their lives. More information about Sonya’s journey and work can be found at




Christopher Dirks

The Intimacy of Contact Awareness

Christopher Dirks, LMFT

During this session, we will allow the powerful wisdom of unconditioned awareness to teach us about how we connect with others by introducing us to a more pure and direct form of connection with others. Typically, we relate to others through various complex concepts. However, during this experiential exercise, we will practice using succinct language to label and communicate what is present in our awareness with our exercise partners, listen to their communications and discover a dynamic dance between our conditioned selves and unconditioned awareness. In this exercise, it is awareness that is the teacher.

Christopher Dirks, LMFT has been exploring Buddhism for 25 years starting in the Soto Zen tradition, followed by Theravada and then non-duality. He has studied with Peter Fenner and a variety of other nondual teachers since 2008. Chris has a private practice in Oakland, CA and has been a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 2009. Nondual wisdom is an essential component in his psychotherapy with adults, children, families, and couples as well as his supervision of interns. He also provides nondual coaching services in person and via Skype.



Saturday, May 13


Adam Chacksfield

Authentic Movement

Adam Chacksfield, PhD

Join Adam for a nourishing and heart-opening exploration through Authentic Movement. Authentic Movement is a simple form of self-directed movement. It is usually done with eyes closed and attention directed inward, in the presence of at least one witness. Movers explore spontaneous gestures, movements, and stillness, following inner impulses in the present moment.

Adam is a heart-centered nondual spiritual teacher and the founder of the Center for Nondual Awareness. He first turned toward spirituality after some profound psychedelic-assisted openings led him to experience the truth that lies beyond all philosophies. At age 33 he left his job as a Professor to devote himself to spiritual exploration. In 2010, with Peter Fenner’s encouragement and support, Adam started to work with groups and individuals. Since then, his teaching has been profoundly influenced by exposure to Jeannie Zandi’s love-saturated transmission, and “we space” in the Evolutionary Collective.




Maja, Zaya, Maurizio, John, & Kent

Communities of Consciousness

Facilitated by Maja Apolonia Rodé, PhD
with Maurizio & Zaya Benazzo, John Prendergast, and Kent Welsh

In this extended afternoon session we will explore nondual awareness as an emerging phenomenon in local communities, global culture, and human evolution. This session will be open to the wider nondual community as well as retreat participants. It will include individual, small group, and collective inquiry, as well as a conversation panel. Please bring a pen and notebook. The invitation and opportunity is for us to connect with each other and tap into our individual and collective wisdom and insight as we each forge unique territory in the field of nondual awareness.

Our panel members are pioneering founders of nondual communities and organizations including Maurizio & Zaya Benazzo (Science & Nonduality), John Prendergast (Nondual Wisdom & Psychology), and Kent Welsh (Open Circle Center).



Rupert Spira

The Light of Pure Knowing

Open Circle Evening with Rupert Spira

Offered collaboration with Open Circle Center, your retreat fee (for full retreat) includes admission to a public evening with Rupert Spira, “The Light of Pure Knowing,” Saturday, May 13, 7 – 9 PM, at Chocomat HaLev.



Sunday, May 14


Jon Hansen

Attuning, Stabilizing, Exploring Through Intimate Relationship

Jon Hansen

Consciousness connects us intimately to ourselves and to each other. On a path of embodied realization, Jon and his wife Ellen have been committed to exploring deep, intimate contact and connection individually and together. In this session Jon will share insights and observations about relationship as a path of realization, stabilization, and exploration, and he will guide the group through embodied exercises to connect with self and others.

Jon Hansen is a life coach and spiritual mentor. For the last eight years he has trained extensively with Judith Blackstone, and he and his wife Ellen are both certified Realization Process facilitators. He is currently on the Board of Directors and visioning team for The Center for Nondual Awareness. Jon lives in Portland.



Sara Naon Jimenez

Into The Heart of Sexuality

Sara Naon Jimenez

Sexual energy is an intelligent and wise consciousness, and can bring us to the deepest and most essential place of connection. Through the process of meeting and facing ourselves here, and in relationship to each other, we can see the heart, truth and endless teaching of sexuality. Through transformation and healing of sexual conditioning, we find a powerful ally in our deepening connection with self, other and planet. This frees Ananda, the bliss of conscious awareness of Self-As-This, the natural energy life is always humming at, the ultimate intimacy, the ultimate turn on. This presentation will be a mild taste of Sara’s work and will include a short talk, a gentle (always optional) guided experiential meditation, and time for discussion.

Sara works as a spiritual facilitator in the paths of embodied nonduality, devotion, service, and sexuality. For over a decade she has been working to discover and reveal the innocence beneath sexual conditioning. The influences on all of her offerings range from Kashmir Shaivism, Kriya Yoga and Sufism, to Advaita Vedanta, psychology, and Christian mysticism in the Essene, Gnostic, and Mary lineages. She serves love and consciousness by offering teaching through in-person and online groups, as a writer and dancer, as an online project director at Open Circle Center, and serves on the Board of Directors and visioning team of the Center for Nondual Awareness.




Adam & Kate

Beyond Authenticity: An Exploration of Nondual Relating

with Adam Chacksfield, Ph.D. and Kate Foley, MSW

The shift from codependent relating to authentic awake relating can be profoundly liberating. When we see through the perceived inadequacy that drives the grasping of codependency, we find that we are able to relate authentically from our truth and receive the truth of the other. However, there is a further relational possibility beyond the mutual authenticity of two individuals, where we can be so offered to the relational field that we become orchestrated by a higher consciousness than anything available independently. This presentation will invite us to explore the direct experience of relating in and as this activated “we space.”

Adam is a heart-centered nondual spiritual teacher and the founder of the Center for Nondual Awareness. He first turned toward spirituality after some profound psychedelic-assisted openings led him to experience the truth that lies beyond all philosophies. At age 33 he left his job as a Professor to devote himself to spiritual exploration. In 2010, with Peter Fenner’s encouragement and support, Adam started to work with groups and individuals. Since then, his teaching has been profoundly influenced by exposure to Jeannie Zandi’s love-saturated transmission, and “we space” immersion in the Evolutionary Collective.

Kate is passionate about supporting the embodiment of nondual awareness and cultivating heart centered relationships with self and other. She draws from over a decade of experience working closely with heart- and somatic-oriented nondual teachers such as Adyashanti, Jeannie Zandi, Pamela Wilson, and Jon Bernie. Kate is the Online Manager for Open Circle Center, a nonprofit organization that hosts spiritual teachers from around the world offering local and web-based satsangs, retreats, and courses. Kate also has a background in social work and Reiki and offers private heart-centered awareness counseling.



Maja Apolonia Rodé

Members’ Visioning Circle

Facilitated by Maja Apolonia Rodé

After the formal retreat ends, current and new members of the Center for Nondual Awareness are invited to participate in our annual visioning circle. This circle is an opportunity for us to connect deeply in a co-creative space and tap into what becomes possible at the intersection of consciousness, creativity, and community. Let us nourish and inspire ourselves and each other as we move forward and take the next steps in our individual and collective journeys.


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