“Transforming all of Life” with Krishna Gauci


A CNA Hosted Morning

Krishna Gauci

“Transforming all of Life”
with Krishna Gauci

Satsang and intro to upcoming
7-week online course
beginning in January

Sunday, Nov 26
10:00am – 12:00pm PDT
Silent meditation begins at 9:45am

“In both our profound freedom and severe pain we are always at home in Being, and no fragment of us can be left behind. Every part of us is welcome. You may not be comfortable, but you are not a mistake. An embodied realization of Consciousness is a continuous process of embracing every apparent limit with which we find ourselves. It is your birthright to invite in every aspect and sense of yourself and bask in the presence of Grace.” ~ Krishna

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“Transforming all of Life”

A 7-week Online Course introducing
the latest teachings on the Tapestry of Being Orientation.

Click Here to learn more about the Tapestry of Being Orientation

A bit about the course

Today there are an endless variety of teachings, techniques, and practices that are available for us to transform ourselves and live happier and more fulfilling lives. While this is great, it can also be confusing. On what basis do we know how to choose what serves us? And without a unifying center how does it all hang together? Amoung many things the Tapestry of Being perspective supports you to validate your unique spiritual unfoldment and provides a means to understand what you can do to deepen your experience and confidence in your inner guidance – not only at the beginning of the awakening journey – but as it continues to get deeper and deeper.

Here are four good reasons to look into the Tapestry of Being perspective

1) Expansion: there’s a full spectrum of being potentially available for us in our human life, and this orientation will give you a taste of what is possible to grow into, even if you have already significantly awakened.

2) Deepening: you’ll have visualizations and meditations that help intensify some of these dimensions, and get ideas of how to go further if you want to.

3) Perspective: there is SO MUCH spiritual stuff ‘out there’ that can seem contradictory and confusing, this model helps you conceptually organize these perspectives into a meaningful relationship to each other, and your practices.

4) Understanding: this orientation can help you get a sense of how your direct, immediate experiences fit into the spectrum of Being, gives your diverse spiritual experiences a context, and how you might be similar or different to other people. You are both at home and one of a kind.

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Public Offerings

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