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9-Month Membership Series
Video Archive


“How To Deepen Your Dharmic Expression
and Grow Your Community of Consciousness”

January 26, 2017 – Introductory Video 


Links to all live sessions will be sent to you via email as the date approaches.


Month One: Thurs February 23 6-8pm PDT
Small Group: Sat March 11 11am-1pm PDT

0 – Core Inspiration: Clarity flowers, and is maintained, from a rooted stem in your core inspiration. Grounded in the “earth” of the stillness of awakened awareness.



Month Two: March 30 6-8pm PDT
Small Group: Sat April 8 11am-1pm PDT

1 – Intention Clarity: Internal and external clarity of intention guides the process.



Month Three: Thurs April 27 6-8pm PDT
Small Group: Sat May 6 11am-1pm PDT

2 – Invitation Call: A skillful invitation inspires those aligned with your intention.



Month Four: Thurs May 25 6-8pm PDT
Small Group: June 17 11am-1pm PDT

3 – Investment Commitment: Offerings and agreements engage us, and cultivate a strong container.



Month Five: Thurs June 29 6-8pm PDT
Small Group: July 15 11am-1pm PDT

4 – Invocation Connection: Acknowledging the Sacred in ourselves and each other, calls it forth.

Months #5 and #6 are collected as one presentation, ‘Invocation and Inquiry”, video link  below in “Month Six”.


Month Six: Thurs July 27 6-8pm PDT
Small Group: August 12 11am-1pm PDT

5 – Inquiry Curiosity: Curiosity open our eyes and hearts to the Mystery of being.



Month Seven: Thurs August 31 6 – 8pm PDT
Small Group: September 16 11am – 1pm PDT

6 – Insight Communion: As the Mystery flows through, the channel deepens and clears.



Month Eight: Thurs September 28 6 – 8 PDT
Small Group: Sat October 14 11am – 1pm PDT

7 – Integration Community: Living Realization provides a fertile ground for the next unfolding.


Month Nine: Thurs October 26 6 – 8pm PDT
Small Group: Sat November 4 11am – 1pm PDT

Closing and Integration of Series