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The Center for Nondual Awareness

The Center for Nondual Awareness provides support, resources and the nourishing container of community for those who have found the Heart of Life moving them to serve and express itself in benefit of the whole.

Who Are We?

We are the One Life living through a multiplicity of unique expressions. We celebrate the aliveness of awakened truth as it expresses through us in all of its infinite forms.

As we affirm the infinite nature of Love and Being which is always and already here; we support one another’s efforts to awaken awareness to Itself where it has not yet been realized, for the benefit of all beings and the whole of creation.

No matter where you are coming from, what path, tradition, unfoldment of life, or spontaneous awakening has brought you to realization of the truth of our inherent and essential nature, we meet in the same place. From that place, we share and serve the whole each in our own individual and perfect ways.

Center Membership

Membership in the Center is open to those who live and work with the common values of awakened consciousness, sincerity, integrity and love. Coming together we honor, create and live a new culture of awakened living on the planet. If this describes you, we encourage you to join us as we discover what is possible when we come together with mutual dedication to our individual and collective flowering.

Through the use of online platforms, we co create containers of support for each other as we flower. Through our online directory and public services we give others easy access to our work and offering.

Whether you are just exploring or birthing what wants to emerge through you or are seasoned in how awakening is playing out in your life, we welcome the unlimited, exciting and unknowable forms of service you contribute and we look forward to supporting your unique needs.

As a member, your very presence in this international group of people committed to the planet wide recognition of our undivided nature, also magnifies the whole.

Benefits of Membership

  • Get exposure for your work/offering to our collective audience of those who are interested in nondual awareness: Through our upcoming Online Nondual Services Directory and the opportunity to participate in our Hosted Online Public Events such as one time events or extended online retreats and courses
  • Be connected to others who are deeply dedicated to the emergence of nondual awareness in the world through online community gatherings, small groups, and twice a year in person retreats. We don’t have to be “Lone Rangers.”
  • The opportunity to participate in member run programs that support different aspects of your work such as: The “Teacher’s Lounge” meetings, “Members Interviewing Members” program and more… — whatever you want or need that would be supportive to you in your offering in the world.
  • Tap into our collective insight and wisdom with under the-hood interviews with successful teachers and community leaders — included with your instant access to our library of audio and video recordings.
  • Receive support in the journey of developing your practice and community: Through instant access to the recordings of our recent 9-part monthly online series, “How to Deepen Your Nondual Offering and Grow Your Community of Consciousness” led by Maja Apolonia Rodé, PhD, former Creative Director for Adyashanti.

We ask that our members make a contribution of at least $120 per year. For convenience, your membership is set up through PayPal with automatically recurring annual or monthly payments. Please make your selection below. You may cancel at any time.

Membership Recurring Payment Options

For a Limited Time, Become a Member of the Center for Nondual Awareness for a special 2-Year price of $220.00, or 3-Year Price of $320.00 an even greater savings. Use the dropdown menu below to make your selection.

Multiple Year Membership Discount

We gratefully accept membership/donations of more than $120 per year. For any questions you may have about joining our community, please click here to send us a message.